Wednesday, December 24, 2008

supreme cuteness.

so handsome and he's only 3.

my devy dev is the sweetest and cutest boy in the whole wide world. and he's coming to eat christmas eve dinner with me tonight:)!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

and i wasn't exaggerating either.

Khelo friend,

i decided to post some more prety picture from meye siberian adventure! i hev realieyezed that all of you mite nut hev biin to de siberian places, and now it is meye turn to shoooow yew.

naow, you can see prety picture from internet of seyeberrian beautee, but eye geev you perrsonal picture from meye colect...rrredy?

Thees eez miself last toosdee. eye khad not yet shave beerd. I am on my way to nordstroms for new hat. I dresed very warm. Dees is before storm on saterday i rite about preeviously.

Thees eez rig eye worrk on een sumer tyme. Lots of fan...lots of good stories.
Weeeeel, thats enough of that. In short, it is still wintery, just like above. It is still cold, and i think we are getting snow tomorrow (again) and i am sure that my car is now burried under 34 ft of snow instead of just a couple inches. It will definitely be a white christmas--and i really love that! we never had those in tennessee, you always hear about them--but we never got any snow, maybe just a light dusting or something. Here EVERYTHING is white--its beautiful and cozy (when inside) and the perfect side to cranberry sauce and stuffing and yams and yummmness.
I just wish they would plow downtown. since i cant walk to work very well with my carribou mustache and animal pelts. (it is a pelt isn't it?)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

friggn day in sibera

this morning i apparently woke up in siberia.

now, ive actually never been to sibera, but i am sure it goes something like this:

snow, ice, 
more snow, lots of scary wind, snow moving sideways, people dressed as snowman walking around, lots of hot tea and soups, and some other fruitful 
surprises im sure.

Im really glad i brought all my plantitas in....they are much happier in the warmness.

me and a friend were driving around in this business last night--it was QUITE the adventure. two people who have no knowledge about such things figuring it out. now i know this isn't nearly as much snow as they get in other parts of the country, but for me a foot of snow is just AS AMAZING and AS scary. well, scary if you driving in it, amazing if you are playing;)

it hasn't stopped snowing yet, and it supposedly isn't going to stop anytime soon. apparently we get to have a good ol real winter storm until this tuesday--which of course will make it interesting getting to work. last week when this happened it took me almost 3 hours (1 waiting for a bus -ANY bus- to come, and 2 hours getting there). the interstate was so bad people were TURNING AROUND and driving back home in the opposite direction...on I5! and of course there was a great smattering of know, like the bus crashing through the barrier and almost falling OFF the freeway onto the cars below.

i think i'll go watch religilous at the 3$ movie theater:) 
wonder if i can walk there....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy spanksgiving.

today is my favorite holiday...thanksgiving (aka spanksgiving)

i cooked cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie last night. my brother came into town this morning, we are going to my friend anna's house for dinner today, so im just going to make a bunch of sides for us to eat at home as we watch funny movies. yams + green beans + pumpkin pie + cranberry sauce (no sugar no gluten of course) = an amazing time.

while i was making my pies last night, i was so busy talking to emily on the phone--explaining to her how to make the pie--i forgot to add the honey to mine. So an hour later my pies come out of the oven, and i take a big bite.....UHHHHHHGGGG...tasted like sweat. Like i was the farmer on the Oregon Trail and we 'just didn't have anything', so i made a pie out of some pumpkin, horse milk and starvation. so disgusting. needless to say i had to throw them away and start over.

SO just like every year, I must list the things for which i give thanks.
In no particular order, I am THANKFULL for:

my health
my brother being here to spend time with me
my faith
my friends
finding humor in all things
opportunities to change and grow
Mediterranean food
fuzzy body hair 
red nail polish
thanksgiving dinner:)

have a happy spanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


In other news, I went back to tennessee for one of Jessica Moss's wedding. Jess is one of my best friend's from high school. It was very sweet, I got to go with Jules and Emily--so we got to have a couple fun moments in.
Jessica looked gorgeous (of course), the dress, the flowers, the brides maids dresses weren't horrifying--but absolutely lovely. And the food was great. Her paren
ts were having a great time. Her dad's band played, we danced, they drank, i ate sugar (oops). We had a fab time.

Jessica and Daniel:)

It was strange that the location of the reception was THE restaurant where jules and i had our 1st jobs (me as a waitress and her the hostess). Its located literally 5 minutes from my mom's house. Many memories, not a lot of money made. Back then it was called the Lighthouse Restaurant, a nightmare to work--if i remember correctly. Jules would refuse to seat people with small children in the smoking section ('back when' there was a sm
oking section;)--i was probably 16? Who knows. The chef had an un
kept beard and a cigarette/teeth flossing problem (meaning he smoked a lot, but didn't floss).

BUT 11 years later... the setting of a wonderful much needed party fest. Loved every minute of it.

anna banana

Written a while ago, and just found on my computer. I was either 8 when i wrote this, or highly intoxicated. How they let an intoxicated 8 year old into a bar is beyond me.

I love anna, you would love her too if you knew her....

It is Saurday, and i am at anna's work trying to get online, but this damn WorldWraps wifi isn't working..and Commuter Comforts apparently doesn't have their own. sad.

she's sick today, but running around getting everyone their beer, wine, food, smiles, whatevers.  She's wearing a retro print dress, short, but with long sleeves (just like anna). And of course she has bling on paired with her brown boots. Probably didn't wash her hair, but her swoopy bangs look amazing--and she of course has her bangles on, so it actually doesn't matter what her hair looks like (or her entire outfit for that matter) because she makes this fresh chiming sound everywhere she goes. She is slammed. Running around smiling, trying not to break anything.

The guys are sitting at the bar, loving her. and the best part is she has no idea. She smiles, and says 'honey its ok, pay me later'--accompanied with her cute boxy hand gestures (enter the bangles). Any day is a good day when you get to be around anna. anyone would agree with that.

I have stomach cramps, like i ate something i shouldn't have. maybe if she smiles at ME they will go away. Lets see. Here she comes....

See, i told ya, simple loveliness:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yow bu Yow tso yen? (I know it isn't spelled correctly)

I miss....

lying on our backs at the law building and finding cloud animals

watching dancing with the stars, just to see cheryl, edita, max and julianne dance

you pretending cheryl was you 'girl', but once she got voted off--quickly switching to julianne

you pretending like you are a Friends fan

making a list of things we were going to do, but not doing any of it

eating udon
eating cpk
eating thaiger room
you discovering ak mak
watching juno 4 times in the theater

you signing the check in chinese

feeding the ducks things ducks shouldn't eat

you never doing my dishes

laughing at nothing

laughing at something

me getting a better grade in philosophy because i am smarter than you

you introducing me to taro bubble tea
you telling me what pochis actually means

you killing my plants

me watching you only eat half of your food so you can 'take the other half to work'

you rapping along with your 'music' and trying to enlighten me

you thinking you are will smith from the fresh prince of bell air

you correcting me on all the misspelled names in this post

you being here last month.....

p.s. it's obviously a french poodle

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I had a very good Halloween.

I didn't really make any plans, but it turned out to be a fabulous time spent with two of my lady friends....Yassie and Anisa. Spending time with these two scares me a bit, but not in a bad way--in a completely amazing way. Each experience always lends itself to be a little curious present that i unwrap an
d wait for the surprise. simple and abundant. Never know what ridiculousness will go down..

The scary part is,  i can see the future just a teenie weenie bit each time. When we are together i feel im no longer 27 or 28 or 25, but i can see us being these three older if i get in this time machine and i suddenly am experiencing 55:

 and i don't give a shit what people think about me (or i have really got my act down on PRETENDING i don't), i know my likes and dislikes, i know im not perfect (and im ok with it), i know i shouldn't eat 2 pieces of cheesecake but im just having so much fun it doesn't matter, i know my boundaries, i know i am 
capable, i know i am funny, i know i am with people who love me.

and there are no boys,
and it doesn't matter if you wax,
and good food is just SO good--nothing else in the solar system matters-- because you fulfilled in friendship and in yourself.
and you are reminded that you are enough.

And its not as if we don't talk about stupid things, or laugh at inappropriate jokes, or become borderline "the annoying table that isn't drinking, but i swear they were drunk when they came in" table, and im not saying that doing these things makes one not 'act' 55 or 65 or whatever just sayin' we had a rockin Halloween:)

it was a night of eating and drinking everything, and then playing games at Gameworks(my 1st time) (basically Showbiz/Chucky Cheese for adults).....and even though these particular girlfriends (and all of my girlfriends in seattle for that matter) help me to see that i actually love getting older...i still prove to myself i am so still forever 12. 

For example: I have so much awesomeness that i used ALL of my portion of the game tickets (300) to buy 10 jelly braceletts, 2 plastic rings, and a sheet of tattoos---from a man dressed as the devil. (probably a metaphor). and to use a yassie word, they are 'outstanding'--especially because anisa bought a freakin princess wand with a pink bejeweled star at the top--and everyone knows jelly bracelets and dragon/saber tattoos trump frustrated fairy wands, momma don't lie.........but really there is no contest, because while these girls played in the safe pond with the other fish, i evolved me some lungs and was out ALL day (8 am - 12:30 pm) dressed in my costume of choice: 

A "Casual Friday Employee from Nashville, TN circa 1987". 

And to make it alll the more worth while, i went into Barney's to poke around before supper. 

This is me with a co-worker today. He is a narcotraficante and i am pure excitement. 

Felicidad. Happy i had a good day.

PS my shirt says 'someone in Nashville loves me", i know this is true:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

brotherly slov


You have to friggin send me an invitaion, so i can see your blog?

Who do you think you are?

Pablo Picasso????
Your sEEEEstir

Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy birfday

this morning was hard for me...waking up and being 27...its not necessarily the age, but the year in general. on friday my coworker emailed me as a joke saying 'you have until tomorrow to complete everything you wanted to do before your 27th birthday'. OH how true.

I am hoping that 27 is good. 26 was not good, not even kind of good.  No, i take that back. I hope 27 is AMAZING. i hope 27 is OUTSTANDING. No, i take that back too....

27 is going to be AMAZING.
27 WILL BE OUTSTANDING... because i am 27 and im going to kick some ass this next year!

because thats what 27 year olds DO. especially 27 year olds that FEEL like they are 45, or 57, or on somedays 82. 

but right now i feel i stayed up way too late and momma woke me up this morning and had the heat on, and made a fresh fruit salad, and bought croissants from kroger at 3, because thats what time momma wakes up. and she made me tummy mint tea and had it all on the table for me, and she sang me happy birthday, and i loved it because thats what she did every birthday--she made me breakfast:)

or like when i was 20 and living in seattle and just starting school at uw. she would call me at 6:30 am my time before school started. its as if her and dad had some competition to see who could wake me up the earliest. and everyone sings happy birthday, even tutu, even the girls, even dad, but not max:) max always called really late because he was saving the world or being a dog or taking some 'we all have a higher spiritual purpose which isn't to call our older sister-- at a normal appropriate time - on her birthday' class.

but all in all, i have had always managed to have good birthdays--regardless of the type of year it was. so i really can't complain:) i guess its just too late (3:17 am) im too old for this shit:)

dad made me a card this year and sent it to me. it has him playing the drums, connie holding their new cat, and jj 'smiling' with his teeth. the background is green and pink and in big BOLD letters it says 'EVERYBODY SING NOW'. Im going to have to take a picture of it and post it on here. did i mention that my father called me LAST week saturday and sang me the WHOLE song of happy birthday and got really excited (what are you doing, how are you, what a great day, ive lost my mind)--before i had to CONVINCE him that he was a week early and no my birthday is not the 18th but the 25th! ????

This should also be the time where i mention that he has done this once before, but it was in september.

im 1 year more. woo hoo!

im going to bed. happy birthday to me

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i can't handle anymore.

Dear Tyra,

I know we haven't seen eachother in a really really really long time. But i would so appreciate it if you would stop posting pictures such as this.....

...on your facebook page. I can't handle it. He is just so sweet and so wonderful and so chunky with love. and it makes me sad that i haven't met him yet. 

Yours truly,

Aunty Elizabeth

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a milestone among many to come

With my birthday two weeks away, I would like to announce some news. I have officially stopped biting my nails:) At the age of (soon to be) 27, I just realized that i have spent the passed 23 years with this habit....and now i DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!!! and my nails are long, and dark red, and i intend to keep them that way F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

HEY--look at me. I can make announcements like that now. Because I have a blog. Before, any amazing occurances in my life would just be in my little chispas going off in my brain. But not anymore:) NOW I HAVE AN OUTLET! I can say WHATEVER I WANT! Like......i cleaned my bathroom today.

"I scrubbed my bathroom today and i went into the bathroom to pee--even when i didn't really have to. I just wanted to sit in a clean room!"

There i said it.

and there's nothing you can do about it either. hMMMM.
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