Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yow bu Yow tso yen? (I know it isn't spelled correctly)

I miss....

lying on our backs at the law building and finding cloud animals

watching dancing with the stars, just to see cheryl, edita, max and julianne dance

you pretending cheryl was you 'girl', but once she got voted off--quickly switching to julianne

you pretending like you are a Friends fan

making a list of things we were going to do, but not doing any of it

eating udon
eating cpk
eating thaiger room
you discovering ak mak
watching juno 4 times in the theater

you signing the check in chinese

feeding the ducks things ducks shouldn't eat

you never doing my dishes

laughing at nothing

laughing at something

me getting a better grade in philosophy because i am smarter than you

you introducing me to taro bubble tea
you telling me what pochis actually means

you killing my plants

me watching you only eat half of your food so you can 'take the other half to work'

you rapping along with your 'music' and trying to enlighten me

you thinking you are will smith from the fresh prince of bell air

you correcting me on all the misspelled names in this post

you being here last month.....

p.s. it's obviously a french poodle



    I miss...

    lying on our backs on the green lake dock and finding even more cloud animals

    sitting outside of hansee and getting yelled out for polluting the air

    taping entire seasons of making the band and beauty and the geek for you

    running into you randomly at the flag pole at least once a week

    after work tso yen circles during GEAR UP summers

    making grace fold under peer pressure

    flautas days at terry lander cafe - so special!

    meeting all your beautiful girlfriends and making sure they ask about me when you see them again

    you demanding ownership of wendy's old banana republic, j crew, and club monaco outfits

    pillaging the clothes donation bin in search of free stuff

    getting food at mcmahon 6 then falling asleep after oprah and doctor phil on your hard bed in hansee while you wrote your papers

    watching you try to spit off every balcony i've ever had and never making it past the railing

    your chicken adobo, vegetarian lasagna, vegetarian chili, corn bread, buckwheat pancakes, and curry

    the 450 degree oven mitt

    your state farm chopsticks that doubled as drumsticks for devin

    the first conversation ever that started it all when i was sitting on my futon and you were on ben's chair

    you being too scared to drive a car that was finally yours

    odoul's and lime and salt

    sitting on the couch at aladdin's gyrocery

    you explaining the female anatomy to me

    sitting on the log when i broke my "unbreakable" nalgene bottle

    you calling it smalltown

    everybody at uw wondering about us, especially jeevy

    you reminding me that i'm not cool enough for the naked lady charcoal sketch

    helping you carry your laundry down to the laundry room


    pleese do not scream in the caseeno

    acting like we're trendy and hip at coffee shops

    your old school red cell phone

    talking like captain jack sparrow and my accent always turning australian

    you introducing me to sauconys

    finding $20 Roos at Urban outfitters, and you not getting excited the first day i wore them

    hearing your cindy impersonation

    you leaving incriminating evidence like student id cards in my mom's car

    having the exact same discussion about your plants and how you take such good care of them and oh look at how much they're growing

    your old lady impression on the massage chair when we cooked dinner together for our potluck

    being taken away to a whole new world when you put up the chinese lantern lights

    sneaking to watch sports on your tv and turning down the volume

    teaching you about recycling

    building samurai snowmen in denny field

    working out for one entire summer and you telling me that i was starting to grow a muscle

    you giving me my first and second p. diddy mohawks

    teaching you how to connect to the internet

    trying to get you to go on a damn walk through the park

    the historic university theatre "did you know this is where jet city improv perform on fridays and saturday nights?"

    walking 20 minutes (one way) late at night to visit you on campus

    driving across the bridge every day after work to eat dinner with you

    talking about nothing

    really talking about everything

    my best friend ever...

    p.s. it was a turtle

  2. Oh yeah, if you want to see a brilliant blog, check this out:

    Love you!


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