Saturday, November 1, 2008


I had a very good Halloween.

I didn't really make any plans, but it turned out to be a fabulous time spent with two of my lady friends....Yassie and Anisa. Spending time with these two scares me a bit, but not in a bad way--in a completely amazing way. Each experience always lends itself to be a little curious present that i unwrap an
d wait for the surprise. simple and abundant. Never know what ridiculousness will go down..

The scary part is,  i can see the future just a teenie weenie bit each time. When we are together i feel im no longer 27 or 28 or 25, but i can see us being these three older if i get in this time machine and i suddenly am experiencing 55:

 and i don't give a shit what people think about me (or i have really got my act down on PRETENDING i don't), i know my likes and dislikes, i know im not perfect (and im ok with it), i know i shouldn't eat 2 pieces of cheesecake but im just having so much fun it doesn't matter, i know my boundaries, i know i am 
capable, i know i am funny, i know i am with people who love me.

and there are no boys,
and it doesn't matter if you wax,
and good food is just SO good--nothing else in the solar system matters-- because you fulfilled in friendship and in yourself.
and you are reminded that you are enough.

And its not as if we don't talk about stupid things, or laugh at inappropriate jokes, or become borderline "the annoying table that isn't drinking, but i swear they were drunk when they came in" table, and im not saying that doing these things makes one not 'act' 55 or 65 or whatever just sayin' we had a rockin Halloween:)

it was a night of eating and drinking everything, and then playing games at Gameworks(my 1st time) (basically Showbiz/Chucky Cheese for adults).....and even though these particular girlfriends (and all of my girlfriends in seattle for that matter) help me to see that i actually love getting older...i still prove to myself i am so still forever 12. 

For example: I have so much awesomeness that i used ALL of my portion of the game tickets (300) to buy 10 jelly braceletts, 2 plastic rings, and a sheet of tattoos---from a man dressed as the devil. (probably a metaphor). and to use a yassie word, they are 'outstanding'--especially because anisa bought a freakin princess wand with a pink bejeweled star at the top--and everyone knows jelly bracelets and dragon/saber tattoos trump frustrated fairy wands, momma don't lie.........but really there is no contest, because while these girls played in the safe pond with the other fish, i evolved me some lungs and was out ALL day (8 am - 12:30 pm) dressed in my costume of choice: 

A "Casual Friday Employee from Nashville, TN circa 1987". 

And to make it alll the more worth while, i went into Barney's to poke around before supper. 

This is me with a co-worker today. He is a narcotraficante and i am pure excitement. 

Felicidad. Happy i had a good day.

PS my shirt says 'someone in Nashville loves me", i know this is true:)

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