Sunday, November 23, 2008


In other news, I went back to tennessee for one of Jessica Moss's wedding. Jess is one of my best friend's from high school. It was very sweet, I got to go with Jules and Emily--so we got to have a couple fun moments in.
Jessica looked gorgeous (of course), the dress, the flowers, the brides maids dresses weren't horrifying--but absolutely lovely. And the food was great. Her paren
ts were having a great time. Her dad's band played, we danced, they drank, i ate sugar (oops). We had a fab time.

Jessica and Daniel:)

It was strange that the location of the reception was THE restaurant where jules and i had our 1st jobs (me as a waitress and her the hostess). Its located literally 5 minutes from my mom's house. Many memories, not a lot of money made. Back then it was called the Lighthouse Restaurant, a nightmare to work--if i remember correctly. Jules would refuse to seat people with small children in the smoking section ('back when' there was a sm
oking section;)--i was probably 16? Who knows. The chef had an un
kept beard and a cigarette/teeth flossing problem (meaning he smoked a lot, but didn't floss).

BUT 11 years later... the setting of a wonderful much needed party fest. Loved every minute of it.

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  1. "One of Jessica Moss's weddings"? Has she had more than one?


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