Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy spanksgiving.

today is my favorite holiday...thanksgiving (aka spanksgiving)

i cooked cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie last night. my brother came into town this morning, we are going to my friend anna's house for dinner today, so im just going to make a bunch of sides for us to eat at home as we watch funny movies. yams + green beans + pumpkin pie + cranberry sauce (no sugar no gluten of course) = an amazing time.

while i was making my pies last night, i was so busy talking to emily on the phone--explaining to her how to make the pie--i forgot to add the honey to mine. So an hour later my pies come out of the oven, and i take a big bite.....UHHHHHHGGGG...tasted like sweat. Like i was the farmer on the Oregon Trail and we 'just didn't have anything', so i made a pie out of some pumpkin, horse milk and starvation. so disgusting. needless to say i had to throw them away and start over.

SO just like every year, I must list the things for which i give thanks.
In no particular order, I am THANKFULL for:

my health
my brother being here to spend time with me
my faith
my friends
finding humor in all things
opportunities to change and grow
Mediterranean food
fuzzy body hair 
red nail polish
thanksgiving dinner:)

have a happy spanksgiving!


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