Monday, October 27, 2008

brotherly slov


You have to friggin send me an invitaion, so i can see your blog?

Who do you think you are?

Pablo Picasso????
Your sEEEEstir

Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy birfday

this morning was hard for me...waking up and being 27...its not necessarily the age, but the year in general. on friday my coworker emailed me as a joke saying 'you have until tomorrow to complete everything you wanted to do before your 27th birthday'. OH how true.

I am hoping that 27 is good. 26 was not good, not even kind of good.  No, i take that back. I hope 27 is AMAZING. i hope 27 is OUTSTANDING. No, i take that back too....

27 is going to be AMAZING.
27 WILL BE OUTSTANDING... because i am 27 and im going to kick some ass this next year!

because thats what 27 year olds DO. especially 27 year olds that FEEL like they are 45, or 57, or on somedays 82. 

but right now i feel i stayed up way too late and momma woke me up this morning and had the heat on, and made a fresh fruit salad, and bought croissants from kroger at 3, because thats what time momma wakes up. and she made me tummy mint tea and had it all on the table for me, and she sang me happy birthday, and i loved it because thats what she did every birthday--she made me breakfast:)

or like when i was 20 and living in seattle and just starting school at uw. she would call me at 6:30 am my time before school started. its as if her and dad had some competition to see who could wake me up the earliest. and everyone sings happy birthday, even tutu, even the girls, even dad, but not max:) max always called really late because he was saving the world or being a dog or taking some 'we all have a higher spiritual purpose which isn't to call our older sister-- at a normal appropriate time - on her birthday' class.

but all in all, i have had always managed to have good birthdays--regardless of the type of year it was. so i really can't complain:) i guess its just too late (3:17 am) im too old for this shit:)

dad made me a card this year and sent it to me. it has him playing the drums, connie holding their new cat, and jj 'smiling' with his teeth. the background is green and pink and in big BOLD letters it says 'EVERYBODY SING NOW'. Im going to have to take a picture of it and post it on here. did i mention that my father called me LAST week saturday and sang me the WHOLE song of happy birthday and got really excited (what are you doing, how are you, what a great day, ive lost my mind)--before i had to CONVINCE him that he was a week early and no my birthday is not the 18th but the 25th! ????

This should also be the time where i mention that he has done this once before, but it was in september.

im 1 year more. woo hoo!

im going to bed. happy birthday to me

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i can't handle anymore.

Dear Tyra,

I know we haven't seen eachother in a really really really long time. But i would so appreciate it if you would stop posting pictures such as this.....

...on your facebook page. I can't handle it. He is just so sweet and so wonderful and so chunky with love. and it makes me sad that i haven't met him yet. 

Yours truly,

Aunty Elizabeth

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a milestone among many to come

With my birthday two weeks away, I would like to announce some news. I have officially stopped biting my nails:) At the age of (soon to be) 27, I just realized that i have spent the passed 23 years with this habit....and now i DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!!! and my nails are long, and dark red, and i intend to keep them that way F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

HEY--look at me. I can make announcements like that now. Because I have a blog. Before, any amazing occurances in my life would just be in my little chispas going off in my brain. But not anymore:) NOW I HAVE AN OUTLET! I can say WHATEVER I WANT! Like......i cleaned my bathroom today.

"I scrubbed my bathroom today and i went into the bathroom to pee--even when i didn't really have to. I just wanted to sit in a clean room!"

There i said it.

and there's nothing you can do about it either. hMMMM.
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