Thursday, January 5, 2012


you should know my loves that i recognize our bravery.

we have exceeded expectation.

the intent to honor passion and purpose. seeking and finding deserved happiness. love. longed for inner peace. overcoming self hate and doubt. faces illuminated with the brightness of joy. comparisons and fear cast away. standing in nobility. emptying basins of clouded uncertainty. filling them with the promise of beauty and grace and action.

the first morning of 2012 i awoke to a flash of light warming my face. glowing droplets falling all around. wake. up.

i opened my eyes to find my friends standing at attention. all busy inspecting a small glimmer leaking into the dark room from an outside covered window. pulling back the fabric, a singular ray of light shot through, illuminating the walls and ceiling. through the window we jumped into the dark of outside. and there they were, slicing through the thicket. burning signals through tree tunnels. rays streaming among us, exposing a lit path to somewhere in the distance. and so without thinking we ran, escaping the cold, basking in the golden possibility breaking over the horizon.

welcome to the Year of The Light.

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