Sunday, December 21, 2008

friggn day in sibera

this morning i apparently woke up in siberia.

now, ive actually never been to sibera, but i am sure it goes something like this:

snow, ice, 
more snow, lots of scary wind, snow moving sideways, people dressed as snowman walking around, lots of hot tea and soups, and some other fruitful 
surprises im sure.

Im really glad i brought all my plantitas in....they are much happier in the warmness.

me and a friend were driving around in this business last night--it was QUITE the adventure. two people who have no knowledge about such things figuring it out. now i know this isn't nearly as much snow as they get in other parts of the country, but for me a foot of snow is just AS AMAZING and AS scary. well, scary if you driving in it, amazing if you are playing;)

it hasn't stopped snowing yet, and it supposedly isn't going to stop anytime soon. apparently we get to have a good ol real winter storm until this tuesday--which of course will make it interesting getting to work. last week when this happened it took me almost 3 hours (1 waiting for a bus -ANY bus- to come, and 2 hours getting there). the interstate was so bad people were TURNING AROUND and driving back home in the opposite direction...on I5! and of course there was a great smattering of know, like the bus crashing through the barrier and almost falling OFF the freeway onto the cars below.

i think i'll go watch religilous at the 3$ movie theater:) 
wonder if i can walk there....

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