Saturday, October 29, 2011

ze barfday leest.

this week i turned one year older, and am surprisingly excited about it.

not excited because of some epiphany or movie ticket discount, but excited to be moving towards the future...towards me being me...and the happiness that will ultimately bring. at this very moment, me being me consists of: friday night cravings for Fage yogurt (listen to your elder and go get some immediately), peppermint tea, and the new Coldplay album (ditto).

as a bday present to myself i decided to compile a special list. typically i am fab at focusing on questions, but for this special occasion i thought it best to impress myself with answers.

so in no particular order, i present to you...

The Things I Know For Sure.
(one for every year)
  1. once you start waxing whatever, you can never stop waxing whatever 
  2. breathable fabrics are best
  3. laughter cures
  4. i am chemically addicted to fire cheetos
  5. when in doubt, cover it up
  6. i will never win a spelling b
  7. my friends are more fun than your friends
  8. everyone endures pain
  9. india sweats the demon out
  10. proper food and sleep could change the world's function
  11. one's jungle-book-fantasy-void can be filled by bathing elephants in a river 
  12. biscuits are better with maple syrup
  13. if you bake it, they will come
  14. thread count and shower pressure matter
  15. people mostly remember how you make them feel
  16. it's not as bad as you think it is
  17. things become much easier when you stop holding on and just let go 
  18. if you have met, but do not like, anna brame spessard mulhair kiani - you are a horrible person
  19. pretty is good. funny is much better
  20. truth and trust should be the goal
  21. wealth in all forms is meant to be shared
  22. when i write my book, my mother will first critique the cover art
  23. paper cuts bring out the dragon
  24. 5 hour energy is an afternoon of bad trips and tender moments spent in the restroom
  25. it is10xs the fun if there's a costume
  26. grandmother stories are the best stories
  27. dried apricots will do the job
  28. entitlement right next to ego is the most unattractive 
  29. your dream for me is at times bigger than my dream for me
  30. fringe makes everyone fall in love

khappy berthday to me.
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