Sunday, November 23, 2008

anna banana

Written a while ago, and just found on my computer. I was either 8 when i wrote this, or highly intoxicated. How they let an intoxicated 8 year old into a bar is beyond me.

I love anna, you would love her too if you knew her....

It is Saurday, and i am at anna's work trying to get online, but this damn WorldWraps wifi isn't working..and Commuter Comforts apparently doesn't have their own. sad.

she's sick today, but running around getting everyone their beer, wine, food, smiles, whatevers.  She's wearing a retro print dress, short, but with long sleeves (just like anna). And of course she has bling on paired with her brown boots. Probably didn't wash her hair, but her swoopy bangs look amazing--and she of course has her bangles on, so it actually doesn't matter what her hair looks like (or her entire outfit for that matter) because she makes this fresh chiming sound everywhere she goes. She is slammed. Running around smiling, trying not to break anything.

The guys are sitting at the bar, loving her. and the best part is she has no idea. She smiles, and says 'honey its ok, pay me later'--accompanied with her cute boxy hand gestures (enter the bangles). Any day is a good day when you get to be around anna. anyone would agree with that.

I have stomach cramps, like i ate something i shouldn't have. maybe if she smiles at ME they will go away. Lets see. Here she comes....

See, i told ya, simple loveliness:)

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