Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paul Javid. I love Paul Javid.

Paul Javid is a good man. He is my friend, and after this post, you are going to wish he was yours too.

Paul Javid

relationship status: single? (you should hope so)
eye color: brown
hair color: brown
height: 5'9"
weight: 180 lbs (he's fit y'all)
hobbies/interests: laughing, rock climbing, travel, working hard towards the betterment of humanity, Berkeley, eating bananas, making children smile, rugby, being a swell guy, doing the impossible, creating special awwwww moments.

Baldy and I both know Paul from Seattle. In some twisted way, he is in fact responsible for Anna working here in Lucknow with DSH - and in turn me being here as well. However, Paul is no longer in Lucknow. He is at home working hard, getting his masters, sleeping on white sheets, eating cesar salads, and becoming an even greater dude.

Even though Paul doesn't live here anymore, he still knows 'here'. he understands it. he gets it. and there are only three people i can count who could possibly get this: baldy, this bag of bones, and mr. amazing himself.

As i said before, Anna and i have been not well. Paul, being the good man he is, thought we ought to have a proper mini vacation. A clean bed to go home to. A climate controlled environment. A pool to lounge by and room service to spoil us. That's right ladies. Paul Javid made it so. He did the unthinkable. He booked us a relaxing weekend at the Taj.

Paul Javid is my hero, and he should be yours too.


  1. Thank you elizabeth. I think it made me just as happy as it made you. Love.

  2. Is Paul single and looking to mingle? You are both so lucky to have him in your life.... I love you both and am going to feed you.

  3. Anna with that banana makes me a happy manana.
    i love paul too.


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