Friday, May 22, 2009

my so called life.

Typical day in the field:)

I took out my camera, signaled for everyone to be quiet (teachers didn't want complete mayhem - which it totally could have been)....and these kids QUIETLY without speaking got into this formation.

Each time I took a picture, I showed it to them...we could have done this all day.

I have no idea where that kid got his glasses from. He apparently had been waiting for such an opportunity.

This here is my street and the house I live in on the right. We have the apartment on the top floor, so that there top part is my balcony.

This sweet man was letting his goats have a quick nibble on some tree branches that had been cut and left for the animals on the side of the road. I asked him if it was OK to take a photo, and he agreed by posing proudly next to the herd. He asked me where I was from, and if I spoke hindi, to which I told him 'America' and no I don't speak any hindi. Wait, but i did understand what he was saying - so what exactly does that mean?

I personally like the love goat action. Everyone loves a good healthy goat.

And finally, this is how ngos (NGOs mother) get things done.

Fairy dust.

Work was hosting a meeting at Urvashi's school, teachers and principals were helping us review our content, generating feedback, learning about how to improve....

We adjourned for a break, and i heard some type of electric surge coming from the room. I turned around, and this is what i saw....

Apparently the school staff made good use of the break by fixing a window or two in the room we were using. blow torch. fiery sparks flying about.

muy bien.

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