Wednesday, November 4, 2009

twenty eightish

i have turned 28.

we will say it again - i have lived beyond my 27th year- i am now 28.

two from 30, twelve from 40, ten from 18.

now begins the point where i can mentor those who are younger. instead of answering their questions directly, i will begin recounting stories of my 'youth' in which i learned important life lessons: stories of high school drama, working as a telemarketer selling country music collection dvds, my sense of independence shaped by Waffle House and vain pointless conversation. these distant momories will be just as helpful as aesop's fables, but instead of the crow and some cheese- mine would include a football player and my self-respect. with these pearls i will illustrate how i too pretended to be apathetic to the world, because i was 18. i too simply went through the motions (and emotions), reveling in my mediocrity... i too pretended like it all began with acceptance from. just. that. person... i too sought my truth, which shone brightly in awkward displays for attention. wait, this is starting to sound more like 28.

never mind.

OK, this is what i know for sure:

grilled cheese is next to godliness.

here's to another year.

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  1. Happy birthday, dollin. I'm 29 today, and I love getting as close to 30 as I can get. Eleven years away from 40, hoo boy.

    P.s. New Zealand's Supergroove does a song called "Scorpio Girls". It's about chicks like us.

    p.p.s. We're living in Colorado now, somewhere between Denver and Boulder. Did you say that you'll come visit? COME VISIT.


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