Thursday, July 9, 2009

sorry cheney.

Near death experiences? Check!

Bribing the train conductor? Check!

Finally seeing giant mamalians walking around my neighborhood? CHECK!

Don't you love how the dream wedding in India involves ELEPHANTS?

Now, on to my next search: MONKEYS in Lucknow.

One of my co-workers (Tanuja) explained to me that on Tuesday mornings there is a man who walks the bridge in town (monkey hang out central) - and feeds them bananas. She says the monkeys don't push or squirm or swear at each other to get fed, but line up- one by one- take their banana, say thank you, and then leave. I will be taking pictures of this asap and reporting back.


  1. I did not bribe the train conductor!!! I just smiled at him.

  2. I peeled a banana like a monkey today, from the bottom. It was spectacular. I think i'll do it that way from now on. Just pinch and peel.


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