Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm only saying this once...or twice.


I would like to announce that the PEAK temperature today was 46 C today.

Yes, you are correct. that would translate to.....114.8 F....which we might as well just go ahead and round up to 115.

115 degrees and its still gettin hotter:)

I feel so powerful saying that. Like i am one of those animals on Discovery that live in the seemingly uninhabitable heat. i sit before you sweating awesomeness.

Living at this temperature (it probably goes down to 100 in the house at night)...i am flooded with questions of 'how is this possible?' I mean, do we ingest things that are 115 - 120 degrees? No. right? We definitely don't get in a hot tub that is 120 would cook yourself, like that scene from Harry and the Hendersons. How can people walk around, work construction, sleep, carry cement, cook, and manage not to melt in 120 degrees? incredible.

So if you miss me and love me, do the following:

*Preheat your oven to 115.
*Go put on a shirt and wrap a cotton scarf around your neck.
*Stick you head in there for a good 1/2 hour.
*Take deep long breaths.
Imagine there is a strong wind slapping you in the face that is equally as hot.

and after you finish that...

*Turn it up to 120.
*Do the same thing
*Let me know if there is any difference.....

...cause thats where i am going to be in about a month.

In other news, i am currently obsessed with this blog:

(thank you stephen for showing it to me, and pat/abby for explaining everything else)

you should check it out, really hilarious stuff.


  1. Did putting your underwear in the freezer help?

  2. I'm glad you like the blog. It's one of my favorite.

    Nice pick on the one to post too. Good.


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