Friday, March 13, 2009

holi cow


So i am fortunate-believe me i get it. i get to be in India, i get to laugh about it with a friend of mine, i get to do amazingly important amazing food...learn about a new culture......and the most exciting of all -----i get to play holi.

Holi happens once a i happened to arrive JUST in time! 

This is basically the dirty dirty of what went down:

Naturally I woke up with much anticipation for the day. some friends from the university came over  (they are here studying hindi and urdu). we walked about the neighborhood in search of scoring some holi powder. we tracked some down--felt like champions for about 5 seconds. and then with the help of some indian kids/families/and a hindu temple--which had somehow turned into a dance dance revolution competition mecca-- we colored each other to our hearts content.

The powder is given out in small plastic bags--everyone gets a different color--mine was bright green of course:) The dry powder isn't a big deal as long as it remains dry (good luck)....add some water to it, and then you have a different story. my goal for holi was not to be a victim doused in or sprayed with colored water or that gold/silver paint stuff---apparently that business doesn't come off so easily.  i did pretty well, but many of my friends were not so fortunate. (see example anna to your left).

i don't have any pictures yet of us before the mess, but i will  get those and post them soon. If anyone is interested in having their own holi celebration, please let me know and i will be 154% in.  There is nothing quite like it. For me, it was the most thrilling experience i have had for some time. Throwing and rubbing color on complete strangers???? Having an excuse to look like you shat a rainbow out of your pants? getting to hug, smile at, and say 'happy holi' to grandma indian women strangers--GORGEOUS already, but EVEN MORE SO NOW (how is this POSSIBLE)???? i am in. always was. i always will be.

There are several ways to do this so take notes...

The nice way: Making eye contact 1st. Saying "Happy Holi" with a smile. Slowly approaching the other person as you put a small bit of powder on your fingers, and then applying a little dab of it to their forehead and one to each cheek. You can also put some in their hair, lightly apply more powder to each cheek...This is also a lovely and nice way to play -- and no one gets hurt. Then there is the side...other side...other side.....youre done:) Happy Holi!

The "oh my god those little bastards got me for the last time!" way: Just run away. Don' t trust anyone or anything. Children are hiding everywhere with water guns to spray you down. nothing will save you. Strangers will run up behind you and smear stuff allll over your face and hair. its like a jackson pollock war zone so beware. If you can prevent the buckets of color/water/god knows what from being thrown on you-- then you have saved yourself a good amount of soap and water.

All in all, my left ear and neck were died pink--but that was nothing compared to some of my sure you can see for yourself:)


  1. Do you think we could do it at the office? A multi-cultural celebration is in order around there. and Cinco de Mayo doesn't count. JUAN!

  2. Yeah, let's run around all the electrical appliances and important paper and throw colored water around. That'd go well.


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